[fpc-devel] One more issue with string function results (hopefully, the last)

Sergei Gorelkin sergei_gorelkin at mail.ru
Wed Jan 23 00:08:54 CET 2008

Peter Vreman wrote:

> The example that is provided doesn't fail. Because when calling foo the value of -4(%ebp) is
> loaded in %eax and that value is used in the function foo. The setlength() will create a new
> string and store that at -4(%ebp) of the calling function. But doesn't change the original
> parameter value in %eax (and also stored also at (%esp) in foo).
Hmm... It doesn't fail for me either now, although I've seen it failing 
with my own eyes before submitting it the first time :/

Probably I've oversimplified the example.

The failing function in Lazarus code is CreateRelativePath in 
components/codetools/fileprocs.pas, being called (second occurrence) 
from TBaseCompilerOptions.MakeOptionsString (ide/compileroptions.pp).
That code is much more complex than the example, and what's happening 
there is not in the testsuite, because my patch wasn't causing testsuite 

I'll be digging further in.


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