[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Martin Schreiber fpmse at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 29 14:34:37 CET 2008

On Friday 29 February 2008 14.16:18 Michael Schnell wrote:

> In fact I still don't know what it really is.
> At home I monitored the newsgroup for a while and once same was
> canceled, I thought the thing would be dead. (Like other Delphi related
> project I monitored died: Kylix / Cross-Kylix / Cross FPC and I had the
> impression that Lazarus would be collecting everyone remaining.)
The MSEide+MSEgui newsgroup:
(more than 10'000 messages).
You monitored probably the public.kylix.talk newsgroup and there I fond your 
post from 2006-01-09:
Martin Schreiber wrote:
> There is another alternative to Delphi-Kylix:
> http://mypage.bluewin.ch/msegui/

Downloaded and installed.

Firsts tests Worked on the spot !

Even debugging (single stepping).

I'll go on testing tomorrow.

" ;-)
> Should I use Windows or Linux ?
Linux of course.

> I'll take a look.
You are welcome. :-)


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