[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Martin Schreiber fpmse at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 29 11:07:59 CET 2008

On Friday 29 February 2008 10.49:11 Michael Schnell wrote:
> Before I knew about MSEifi I intended to attach the remote GUI on a
> "per-control" base via a propriety protocol (e.g. using RemObjects). But
> this would imply handling any program done that way individually, which
> of course is not really desirable. Do you think MSEifi will help ?
Sure, it is the purpose of MSEifi to connect client MSEgui objects and events 
with server events and data by the use of an universal client program.

> An additional consideration is to provide a miniature remote GUI for the
> primary firmware (done in ANSI C) of the device in a way consistent with
> the GUI planned for the future Pascal add-on. Do you think MSEifi will
> help with that ?
I don't know.


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