[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Jeff Duntemann jeff at duntemann.com
Tue Feb 19 16:35:40 CET 2008

As a pertinent aside here, I learned most of what I know about X from 
Niall Mansfield's book The Joy of X (Addison Wesley, 1993). Great 
overview, lots of good technical figures. Not an implementation guide, 
by any means, but it made the X system quite clear to me, even though I 
don't use it much. It's 15 years old now, but the basics of X haven't 
changed, and copies can still be found on the used book sites online, 
cheap. (~$3 US plus shipping.)



Michael Schnell wrote:
>> To me it sounds more like an X like protocol with an X server as plugin.
>> (but then on MSEGUI instead of X widget scale)
> I understand that when using X you need a widget set at the X-Client 
> site and the X layer transports informations about the primitives the 
> widget set translates the application's GUIcontrol-definitions in, 
> while MSE transports the (supposedly somewhat limited) 
> GUIcontrol-definitions to the viewer's site and the "widget set" (or 
> whatever) is handled there (maybe the browser-defined "Web-Controls" 
> are used as a widget set).
> Might be an interesting concept for the "additional GUI" we need here.
> -Michael
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