[fpc-devel] exit screen bug

Tiziano De Togni tizzziano at tiscali.it
Fri Feb 15 09:46:33 CET 2008

Leonard Robbins ha scritto:
> The attached jpg is a screen shot that shows what has become of this 
> screen after replacing FPC 2.0.2 with FPC 2.2.0 on my WIN32 XP SP2 
> computer.  Other than this, I haven't run into any problems, but I'm an 
> end-user writing number-crunching stuff with no graphics etc.

(your question is a bit OT here, you should ask this in the FPC User's 
discussion list: fpc-pascal at lists.freepascal.org)

If your installed fpc 2.2.0 without unintalling fpc 2.0.2, maybe there 
is something around disturbing the compiler...

Another thing to try is to execute your program outside the fp IDE, and 
see if the same thing happens...


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