[fpc-devel] SVN Rev. 12367 make all failed on Ubuntu 8.10/X64

Lukas Gradl fpc at ssn.at
Mon Dec 15 23:31:12 CET 2008

Thanks Marco...

Marco van de Voort schrieb:
> Trunk always requires the most recent release. And currently that is 2.2.2,
> not 2.2.0. 

Ahhh - as you say it I start remembering...

>> I first did a "make distclean" as usual, then a "make all".
>> That stopped on trying to compile pp.pas with an "EInvalidOp: Invalid 
>> floating point operation"
>> To check the source I did a "make distclean;make all" on a i386 Ubuntu 
>> 8.04 which worked as expected.
>> Anyone a little hint how to proceed?
> Easiest is to download the .tar, and only extract the commandline compiler.

Which worked perfectly.

But as far as I can remember, there was a meaningful errormessage when I 
tried to compile 2.3 on my i386 Machine with 2.2.0 first time. Now the 
compiler just dies with an EInvalidOp.

Is this OK, or is this a little bug?



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