[fpc-devel] Fixes of FPC version 2.2.0

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at mbox.vol.cz
Tue Apr 15 22:42:14 CEST 2008

On Tue, April 15, 2008 16:02, Lee, John wrote:
> There are checks in script (eg that there are no make errors or zip
> errors) to ensure that only 'good' snapshots are uploaded, but guess
> they don't work 100% eg if there is a network funny, or PC crash or
> something else odd during the upload - I use pscp & check its error
> code.
> Let me know if this happens too often & I'll try to improve checks
> /check that checks are working...

It shouldn't have been network problem or PC crash because the ZIP file
was not broken technically, it "just" didn't contain anything apart the
readme.rev file. I assume that you add this file in another ZIP run (since
the basic ZIP file is created by the make process), so maybe you could
just check whether the ZIP file already existed before you run the ZIP
command for adding readme.rev?


> --------------
> On Mon, April 14, 2008 23:10, Tomas Hajny wrote:
>> On Mon, April 14, 2008 16:04, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>>> On 12 Apr 2008, at 20:06, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>>>> don't know what's up with the Windows snapshots. The 2.3.1 one
>>>> hasn't been updated at all in ages,
>>> Actually, it seems this has been fixed in the mean time and they are
>>> being updated again.
>> Well, I can't check the FTP site right now, but last night (as of
> Seattle)
>> there was a fresh ZIP file named as 2.3.1 snapshot for Win32 from
> John's
>> machine, but it only contained a readme.rev file (but a freshly
> generated
>> one ;-) ).
>  .
>  .
> I checked it now and there's indeed a complete snapshot generated from
> John's machine now. It might be still worth having a look at error
> checking in scripts used for snapshot building and uploading to make
> sure
> proper snapshots cannot get overwritten with an incomplete ZIP file (as
> it
> obviously happened there, not sure why).
> Tomas

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