[fpc-devel] Bringing back fpc 2.3.1 to BeOS

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu May 24 09:17:50 CEST 2007

> Hi all,
> After a long period of inactivity, i finally took the time to update the
> BeOS port of fpc. I have successfully compiled the latest trunk
> (revision 7420) under BeOS using a new libc based RTL (1.0.* versions
> were based on system calls).
> The patch i propose to achieve this is in two parts :
>  - the first part is a zip file containing all files in the ../rtl/beos
> directory. As there is a lot of change in this directory, i think it
> does not make sense to produce a diff file. This file is available at
> http://olivier.coursiere.free.fr/diff/beos.zip.
>  - the second part is a diff file of all other changes made to compile
> fpc under BeOS (based on revision 7420). This file is available at
> http://olivier.coursiere.free.fr/diff/beos.diff. Most of those changes
> are related to missing system functions under BeOS (it is only an
> "almost" POSIX system).
> A lot of feature are not tested or even not implemented (like threading
> for example). But at least, it should be enough to do a "make zipinstall".
> All those files may still need a lot of work before finding a path to
> the source tree, so comments (especially about the second part as there
> is changes in common source files) and improvements are welcome.
> A binary version of the trunk (fpc 2.3.1, revision 7420) is available at
> http://olivier.coursiere.free.fr/download/fpc-2.3.1.i386-beos.tar.gz
> (compiled under BeOS R5 with BONE).

Thanks, the patches are applied. One small change in ttyname.inc to use {$ifndef beos} instead of
disabling the code for all platforms.


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