[fpc-devel] patch - Add new constant to WinCE RTL

Yury Sidorov jura at cp-lab.com
Thu May 10 23:00:28 CEST 2007

From: Patrick Chevalley
> This patch add the constant SHDB_SHOWCANCEL added by Windows Mobile 
> 5.0 to aygshell WinCE API.
> It is to use with SHDoneButton call to replace the OK top bar button 
> by a Cancel button, > syntaxe is SHDoneButton(hwnd,SHDB_SHOWCANCEL);
> I also replace WS_NONAVDONEBUTTON with its correct value $10000.
> This one is to hide the top bar X button, usage is Style := Style or 
> It was previously set to WS_MINIMIZEBOX as in aygshell.h but this 
> not work because the value is $20000 in wince/wininc/defines.inc.
> There is probably an error in defines.inc as it list:
>      WS_MAXIMIZEBOX = $10000;
>      WS_MINIMIZEBOX = $20000;
> but Wince API winuser.h is:
> #define WS_MAXIMIZEBOX        0x00020000L
> #define WS_MINIMIZEBOX        0x00010000L
> I don't do a patch for that because I not have an example for 
> testing.

Thanks. In rev. 7306 I added SHDB_SHOWCANCEL and fixed WS_MAXIMIZEBOX 
and WS_MINIMIZEBOX corresponding to Pocket PC SDK headers.


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