[fpc-devel] Linux kernel behaviour change regarding keyboard

Christian Iversen chrivers at iversen-net.dk
Wed Jul 18 19:48:38 CEST 2007

Ales wrote:
> Why? You have your good ol' PING doing it.

Unbelievable strawman argument there.

This is not at all a critique of the IDE, but please don't compare the
complexity of "ping" and "fpide"(!)

> I agree tho that if a wrapper can do it for us it's safest. Or if the
> ide can do it on start, and always setuid(userid) itself right after
> setting the proper things. I don't see a problem with ANY program 
> being setuid if it has a proper reason, and is audited for it.

There is a very serious limit as to how many lines of code one can
audit. A project the size of the IDE is unauditable, given it's size.
This again is not meant to criticize the IDE - any project of the size
is unauditable.

Christian Iversen

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