[fpc-devel] Cleanup of the r7012 for the Go32v2

borsa77 at libero.it borsa77 at libero.it
Tue Jul 3 22:40:14 CEST 2007

On 1 Jul 2007 at 20:20, Tomas Hajny wrote:

> First, I don't see why using the helper variable 
> should be worse than the newly proposed version. 
> Actually, I even believe that the optimizer might 
> be able to get rid of it if not needed (i.e. if 
> more efficient - on the other hand, using the 
> helper variable may be better because the 
> addition of length(doscmd) to argv0len is 
> performed only once rather than twice).

The purpose of this cleanup is for readability of source, and I think
that a minor number of variable grows it.

> Second, as far as I can see, the proposed code 
> isn't semantically identical to the original one 
> (the terminating #0 is placed 1 byte earlier). So 
> unless there's a reason to change it (that's what 
> I asked about in the previous e-mail), I wouldn't 
> touch it. If you think that it needs to be 
> changed, please, provide clarification why it's 
> so and why the current version is wrong.

I was not clear in previous e-mail, the focus of r7012 is just that the  
terminating #0 must be placed 1 byte earlier, by freezing the position with 
the variable cmdlen and skipping the inc(argv0len) which causes an off by 
one. My patch proposes a more simple way to obtain that.

> I was indeed on holiday at that time. However, I 
> can't test GO32v2 patches properly anyway at the 
> moment, so I decided not to apply them any longer 
> unless they are really obvious and I can reliably 
> foresee their effects. I'm sorry about that - 
> maybe someone else (like Pierre) can check and 
> apply them if appropriate.

I take effect of that, but in fact Pierre and others never answer to my 
segnalations, especially for those beyond the Go32v2 specific like the 
threads 'Nasm under FPC' and 'Question about assembler generators'.
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