[fpc-devel] Wince hooks and ttimer support (for roozbeh and all fpc devs)

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Wed Jan 17 13:30:26 CET 2007

alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it schreef:
>>> 2) make the ttimer work on wince, so he can call the CallAction 
>>> function that manages the connection "sometime" indipendently from 
>>> the application. That would be a workaround (so useful for me) but 
>>> not the definitive solution for lnet.
>> TTimer does not work on WINCE ?!?!?
>> If this is the case, you can't create anything but command-line tools 
>> that just block until their work is completely done. This is OK for 
>> pure FPC programs, but anything "Lazarus-Like" (using the LCL) will 
>> need such a thing.
>> -Michael
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> No... the LCL works and a lot of things can be currently done, but the 
> TTimer component is not implemented due to differences between win32 and 
> wince api(s).
> Reading this: http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/wince-api-diffs.txt
> You can read:
> GetSystemTime()
> The milli member might be zero. This is strange as GetTickCount()
> returns millis (but since start of system).

Time is absolutely irrelevant to Timer.


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