[fpc-devel] LNet removal from FCL

Aleš Katona ales at chello.sk
Thu Jan 4 11:15:31 CET 2007

Hi, just wanted to inform you that I removed lNet from FCL. The reasons
are various but biggest one is that FCL has too slow release cycle for
now and that there will be additional changes on how it's handled itself
when the packager hits the street.

I've added a local lnet subdir to the fppkg so it compiles ok with it. I
suspect the packager will require a special version of lnet later

lNet was in FCL only from 2.1.1 so it's not like I broke anyone's
dreams :) Another reason for removal was the conflicts it made with
installing the release lnet lazarus package if someone had 2.1.1 with
lnet in FCL etc.

I think I'll add lNet as a package later when the new packaging system
is working.

Aleš Katona <ales at chello.sk>
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