[fpc-devel] fpc and lcl for wince compiling

alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it
Thu Jan 4 10:01:41 CET 2007

Hi, i want to congratulate with the ones that's working on the arm-wince 
crosscompiler and to the wince lcl too.
Now i'm using Lazarus 0.9.21 and fpc 2.1.1 and my software looks better ;)

The form is integrated with windows mobile (bars, system tray...) and 
there is more space for my buttons.
The "close - notclose" bug was resolved too.

But just cause i'm using it, and i'm testing it, i want to ask for 
informations about a thing that (maybe) it's a bug and don't works.

Before changing versions, i used to have 6-7 forms created at the start 
of the program but with a visible=false statement.
So, using some buttons to navigate them, i used the form.show and 
self.close functions to make the navigation possible.
Some of my forms had some task on their OnShow event, that before 
worked. But now, forms navigation WORKS, but the OnShow event is not 
called when the form.show is called.
So, I tryed some other ways to get the work done...
I tryed the OnActivate event but it wasn't of any help... and now i 
tryed to use FormName.FormShow(FormName) (or (self) ) in excange of the 
simple .Show, and that too didn't work (all disappears from the palm 
desktop but GDB don't say anything about it and the .exe is in use 
(undeletable) ) on my project.

If that's just wince right differences, can someone tell me how to make 
some form navigation on a pocket pc? Maybe my solution isn't a "clean" 
one and now I paid for that bad choice, i'm still in time to change ;)


p.s. do someone know something about Roozbeh's intention to make the 
TImage component work on wince? On the roadmap it's marked as partially 
implemented, i'd like to change some buttons to "pushable icons" on my 

p.p.s. always there to help you in testing.

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