[fpc-devel] arm-wince errors

alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it
Wed Jan 3 16:04:12 CET 2007

Right... cause i just tryed to overwrite that binutils and recompile but 
i had no success.

I'm Nokao, the one that's trying to make a software with Lazarus that 
connect to a mysql database.

The graphical interface is working, now i'm asking for help to Vincent 
(that's really helping me a lot) to have a lazarus that is able to 
compile both for wince and win32 platform.

Next step will be to try the lnet libs (SQLdb should not work due to 
mysql dll missing for wince platform).

I'll wait for him to make another win32 installer with the correct libs 
in it.

Thank you
> From: "Yury Sidorov" <jura at cp-lab.com>
>> From: "Vincent Snijders" <vsnijders at quicknet.nl>
>>> Is svn head useable for arm-wince? Or does it need further testing, 
>>> because I can imagine the changes in revision 5714 are far reaching.
>>> Do I need to pass (or not pass) special command line parameters (I 
>>> pass "-CX -gl" for compiling the fpc rtl and fcl units)?. What can 
>>> be the cause for these crashes?
>> Vincent, I downloaded your cross installer and found that you 
>> included wrong binutils.
>> You included version, but supported version is 2.15.94.
>> Get it here: 
>> ftp://ftp.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/contrib/cross/arm-wince-binutils.zip
> I forgot to mention: recompile all units with correct binutils.
> Yury Sidorov.
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