[fpc-devel] 0010465: CsSubComponent component properties not streamed

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Sun Dec 30 07:17:19 CET 2007

Martin Schreiber wrote:
>> The Owner-Owned relation is in no other location used during streaming,
>> so you should not worry about that.
> :-)
> And that is the reason why I *have* to worry about. MSEide+MSEgui depends on 
> the streaming mechanism. There are some issues with IDE property streaming 
> you can't know until you tried to develop something like MSEide your self.

Doh! This is true for any library's functionality.

> I wish you were more constructive on solving problems of your "customers" or 
> you risk that your library will be forked.

Threatening us doesn't really improve your chances of being helped.

I still don't see why you can't assign Owner? You will have to free that
tifisocketclient in tsocketclientiochannel anyway.


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