[fpc-devel] To make samples is my duty (as reporter) ?

Andrey Gusev ag888 at rambler.ru
Sat Dec 22 18:05:30 CET 2007

OK, subject is closed.

I have been angry on Friday, about 20 reports to LazReport should be 
transformed (by hands, as i undestanded)...
And here still these errors (codepages in LazReport is critical to my 

to Michael Van Canneyt for explanations about error tracking process - 
it is useful to me
to Florian Klaempfl for respond, the cathedral-bazaar is known to me a 
long time, probably I already have had time to forget it
to "mm" for the drawn terrible picture of programmers existence outside 
of my near environment

Excuse me, if I have told something insulting or rough (though i am 
assured that all told by me was absolutely correctly and politely, only 
I am not completely confident the my English).


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