[fpc-devel] To make samples is my duty (as reporter) ?

Andrey Gusev ag888 at rambler.ru
Sat Dec 22 01:30:54 CET 2007

* Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org> [Sat, 22 Dec 2007 
00:43:37 +0100 (CET)]:
> On Sat, 22 Dec 2007, Andrey Gusev wrote:
> > That strange, developers team do nothing without ready sample.
> > See http://www.freepascal.org/mantis/view.php?id=10457
> First of all, it is not correct that they 'do nothing'.

I have regarded the #16839 raply and switching state to "information" as 
direct refusal to do something at all.
I wasn't right ?

> Fixing a bug for which there is no test code is very hard.
> There are 280.000 lines of code in the compiler.

I also now have under lazarus/fpc ~100000 lines of my sources (on me 
so question in that, for whom is more harder to investigate YOUR errors 
Apparently, i must accept as my duty only differential diagnostic 
between your and my code.
I think, on stage of publishing (cutted) DM1.pas in #10457 report my 
duties was ended.
The rest has been done only from my LOVE to fpc and lazarus (that error 
was not critical to my projects).
I expected more activity from developers team in serious errors 

> With simple and straightforward code, the bug is not reproducible.
> I have tried this.
> So, yes, you must provide an example so the bug can be located
> within a more reasonable amount of time.

DM1.pas part published have all required to error localization.
{$mode delphi} significance clarification has taken away ~20 minutes of 
But that even not was tried, it may be guilty New Year's holidays ?

> There is nothing wrong with asking that, I think ?

Nothing, but I have regarded it as the requirement.

I do not try at all start squabble, i'm possible is simply tired.

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