[fpc-devel] fpmake listsources

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Aug 16 21:53:20 CEST 2007

At 19:35 16-8-2007, you wrote:
>While looking at the listsources command I found something peculiar (i think).
>The method TPackage.GetSourceFiles lists all sources stored in 
>TSources. This seems to be strange for two reasons
>1) all sources are stored in TTarget
>2) the sources variable in TPackage is never filled automatically 
>when you add units or programs from fpmake.pp, which would indicate 
>the user has to fill the variable himself, but this defies the 
>listsources command.
>This leads me to believe TSources is an artifact from the past. Is 
>that correct?
>I would propose to change the implementation in 
>TPackage.GetSourceFiles so it retrieves sources from TTarget instead 
>and then remove TSources altogether.
>Oh yes, what is the actual planned purpose of listsources ;) ? Is it 
>something similar to maven verify? In that case I would like to 
>propose to additionally list the results of all commands plus some 
>checks. I will give a more detailed example if needed.

This is exactly the point were development of fppkg/fpmake stalled.

There needs to be a xml file generated either in sources.xml or 
manifest.xml that can be used by fppkg to create an archive out of it.

Using TTarget for sources is a bit complex because you can have 
include files and also implicitly build units that also depend on 
include files and depending on the target different source 
directories. Also  how to handle additional input data files that are 
convert to typedconstant-includefiles. Therefor i had the idea to add 
a TSources that can list complete directories.

There is no final decision made yet. Ideas how to implement it nicely 
are welcome.

I'll be on holiday the next week so i won't be able to comment on ideas.


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