[fpc-devel] RE: FloatToStrF problem

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Fri Sep 1 16:29:41 CEST 2006

Danie Wessels schreef:
> Thanks people for this update 2.0.4 of fpc with windows version.
> That seems now to have resolved issue 1 partly and issue 2. 
> How can I incorporate the new units now into Lazarus (on Win2k)?
> I tried copying (and also installing) all the stuff under \fpc\2.0.4\
> (of fpc) to under \Lazarus\pp\
> Not a good idea - different versions - surely!
> Now I get in Lazarus in this code:
> ----
> uses
>   {$IFDEF UNIX}{$IFDEF UseCThreads} // a break here with error:
> Ymproject.lpr(6,28) Fatal: Can't find unit Interfaces
>   cthreads,
>   {$ENDIF}{$ENDIF}
>   Interfaces, // this includes the LCL widgetset

You need to rebuild the LCL for the new compiler.

Do, Tools, Configure Build Lazarus and recompile the LCL. Leave all others set to none.


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