[fpc-devel] Dialog Unit in TP7.0

Aline Ribeiro aribeiro at sargas.com.br
Mon Nov 6 20:52:27 CET 2006

Hi Folks!


Please help someone who knows almost nothing about programming.


Because of a Heap Overflow Error, I'm trying to run an old TP program using
the Free Pascal compiler. But, although in TP 7.0 the program was running,
in Free Pascal it doesn't even pass the Compilation phase. I get a error for
using the Dialog.TPU unit: "Error: Overridden methods must have the same
return type: 'TinputLine.DataSize:Dword' is overriden by
'TinputLine.DataSize:Word' which has another input type."


So far, I've tried everything that I know (=almost nothing) and simply don't
know what to do!!! Can anyone give me a hint??!


Thanks a lot!!


Aline Ribeiro

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