[fpc-devel] Mutex!

Amir Aavani Aavani at iust.ac.ir
Mon Nov 6 20:32:53 CET 2006

What you suggested is a kind of busy waiting. But I want a suspension.
In a message , i described my  main problem which was a while like this.

while true do
 ReadLn (S);
/// Lock Mutex
 AThread:= TMyThread.Create (True);//Suspended
 AThread.Prepare (S);
///UnLock Mutex

And I told to check if Criticalsession could work in my situation i 
write that sample code.

Any idea for my problem?
Vinzent Höfler wrote:
> Amir Avani wrote:
>> Thanks Michael, you are right!
>> I want to know how should I use Criticalsections to make my program to
>> print only one "here".
> By not using them at all?
> count := 0;
> while true do
> begin
>    if count = 0
>       WriteLn ('Here!');
>    count := 1;
> end {while};
> Critical sections don't make sense in a non-threading context.
> Vinzent.

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