[fpc-devel] space char inside identifier's name

Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at gmx.net
Sat Mar 25 12:32:56 CET 2006


Am Samstag, den 25.03.2006, 16:50 +0700 schrieb Bisma Jayadi:
> > WWWHHHAAAAAAAA! *Falls off chair*
> > *grabs desk* *pulls up*
> > Clear enough ? ;-)
> Same respond when the first time I knew that file name is case-sensitive in 
> un*x-like OSes (Linux, etc). It looks silly and ridicilous (especially for M$ 
> users), but most people still use it (the users like it even more). :P

Who likes that? I thought it was just for POSIX compability and that
every single app works around it anyways so user doesn't have to cope
with that :-> (i.e. bash's ignore-case, filedialogs that couldn't care
less about case, ....)

If a filesystem type appears with case-insensitive names, I'm the first
one to switch my home directory to it, non-standard or not...

The only reason file names are case sensitive on UNIX is because those
deluded souls don't even want the OS/anyone to know what charset
encoding the file names *are* in. It's been basically guesswork to find
out. Once the OS isn't "supposed" to know the encoding of it's own
names, it just goes downwards from there.
That's changing nowadays since most UNIXes are switching the filesystem
name encoding to UTF-8. The standard still demands OS stupidity though.

And about spaces in identififers, that makes the code unreadable (i's a
problem for the eye). SQL has it too, and there it makes the code
unreadable as well. If you can, try using them in MSAccess or MSSQL
Server and later try to read some complex SQL query that uses them. It's
the height of unreadability.

That's what underscores are for: "spaces" in identifiers (or "-" in some
programming languages).

And if your argument is that they don't "have" to be used by everyone /
everywhere, then I say that's even worse: having no clear naming
conventions hurts maintainability and frustrates everyone.

As you can see I'm in favour of (bondage and) discipline :)


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