[fpc-devel] space char inside identifier's name

Bisma Jayadi bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Sat Mar 25 11:49:09 CET 2006

> It doesn't look like joke anymore, so I ask: in what aspect (except
> double double quotes) the space sign is different from the underline sign?

In most cases when we write codes by hand, I know this feature is almost 
useless. But for automated or generated codes like example I had given in 
another email, this feature will help alot.

> And if it is, why don't use arbitrary length names with carriage returns,
> pictures, music and videos: just use url as the name... (fast
> connection required for compiling)

You don't need to hyperbola my suggestion. Everybody knows we don't need those 
inside an identifier name, those are not even a name by the way. Name is a text, 
and most people (except programmers) can't understand why a space char can't be 
accepted as part of a name.

This is just a suggestion anyway, it means can be accepted or rejected. I can 
accept any conclusion/decision from the FPC core development team. So, you don't 
need to over-react your responds. Just give your reasonable arguments, no matter 
you're agree or disagree with me. :)


has Bee.ography at

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