[fpc-devel] Apache headers

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 13:44:44 CEST 2006

On 7/18/06, Micha Nelissen <micha at neli.hopto.org> wrote:
> I think using 'httpd' as unit name is a bit too generic. There are many
> more things httpd could mean besides Apache module headers. Maybe
> 'apache' or 'apache_mod' or so, instead.

I just used the same name the c headers use.

I also used just httpd instead of httpd2 because I plan to put each
version of the headers (1.3, 2.0.x, 2.2.x) into one directory. So you
can write a module, add unit httpd, and add the appropriate directory
to the compiler search path and compile your module for one of this 3
possible versions.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

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