[fpc-devel] using sockets on linux and win32

Stefan Kisdaroczi kisda at hispeed.ch
Thu Jan 26 19:08:11 CET 2006

Ales Katona wrote:
> Stefan Kisdaroczi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> im trying to use sockets in a unit which should work on linux and win32.
>> I use the sockets unit, but for things like SOL_SOCKET, TTimeval (for
>> setsockopt), SO_RCVTIMEO, fpgeterrno
>> I finally had to use unix,unixtype,baseunix. This on Linux.
>> Now I try to compile it on windows:
>> It seems I need SocketError and not fpgeterrno ( there is a thread
>> about that some days old ).
>> But where do I find SOL_SOCKET for windows? using winsock did not help.
>> I searched for a good example using google, searched the fpc docs...
>> there seems to be a lot of outdated information.
>> And now the question:
>> Has someone an "uses"-clause compatible with linux and windows for an
>> app really using sockets and not only for a simple "hello socket"?
>> thank you
>> kisda
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> Hello, you need to use WinSock in windows and get error with WSAGetError
> (IIRC) function from the winsock unit. Note that the winsock unit in FFC
> RTL is winsock1 (deprecated, obsolete). I'd strongly advise for a
> Winsock2 unit (there are some flying around in the net).
> Also not ment as an advertisment but I've made a networking library
> which works cross platform on windows and unix including PPC platform.
> You can get it at http://members.chello.sk/ales
> If nothing else you can view the source and see how I coped with
> cross-platform networking problems.
> Ales

Thanks for your quick reply. I downloaded your lnet-sources and will look at it.
First Impression: The fpc-sockets seems far away from a cross-platform solution. :-(


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