[fpc-devel] using sockets on linux and win32

Ales Katona almindor at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 18:57:35 CET 2006

Stefan Kisdaroczi wrote:

>im trying to use sockets in a unit which should work on linux and win32.
>I use the sockets unit, but for things like SOL_SOCKET, TTimeval (for setsockopt), SO_RCVTIMEO, fpgeterrno
>I finally had to use unix,unixtype,baseunix. This on Linux.
>Now I try to compile it on windows:
>It seems I need SocketError and not fpgeterrno ( there is a thread about that some days old ).
>But where do I find SOL_SOCKET for windows? using winsock did not help.
>I searched for a good example using google, searched the fpc docs... there seems to be a lot of outdated information.
>And now the question:
>Has someone an "uses"-clause compatible with linux and windows for an app really using sockets and not only for a simple "hello socket"?
>thank you
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Hello, you need to use WinSock in windows and get error with WSAGetError 
(IIRC) function from the winsock unit. Note that the winsock unit in FFC 
RTL is winsock1 (deprecated, obsolete). I'd strongly advise for a 
Winsock2 unit (there are some flying around in the net).

Also not ment as an advertisment but I've made a networking library 
which works cross platform on windows and unix including PPC platform. 
You can get it at http://members.chello.sk/ales
If nothing else you can view the source and see how I coped with 
cross-platform networking problems.


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