[fpc-devel] Addtions for strutils

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sat Jan 21 19:50:26 CET 2006

> I wish to add 3 new string functions for strutils:
> 1. Check if a string is an integer (without + or - signs).

My suggestion:
Make your own unit and put it up on FPC contributed units or add it to one of my
existing string extensions unit - I welcome it in my string projects if you want to
place it there. I've done stuff like this before in StrWrap1.pas which is on SVN and
in the contributed units section. StrWrap1 is not perfect the first time - it gets
better as other people look at the unit and correct me or I do benchmarks with it.

Any case the code is better online than offline - for me it is too much hassle to try
and get something placed in the FPC core RTL so I experiment with my own units first,
and then surely if it is useful it will eventually get absorbed into the RTL.

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