[fpc-devel] Addtions for strutils

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Jan 21 17:06:10 CET 2006

> I wish to add 3 new string functions for strutils:
> 1. Check if a string is an integer (without + or - signs).

Hmm, is this not a bit overspecialisation ?

result:=(code=0)  and (posexset(['+','-'],x)=0)

would already do. (untested from memory)

> 2. split a string into an array using a giving separator.

In some form already exists. (e.g. tstringlist) however that has some

However so has yours:
- separator aggregates are not supported.
- there is too much copy() ing going on.

I do agree however that such function, without tstringlists limitations is
needed, but we need something more general I think.

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