[fpc-devel] PR: Advocates needed

VisionForce webmaster at visionforceweb.com
Thu Jan 19 13:36:58 CET 2006

The only reason those people think Pascal is bad is because it's been around 
for so long; they don't realize that it's maturing.

On the other hand, they might hate it because they're afraid it's going to 
take over their language.

Alex C. Barberi
Chief Executive Officer

> > Hey! The writter of that article is clearly pro-Python!
> I wonder... why most developers still think negatively about (object) 
> Pascal? Don't they ever heard about Delphi (in propietary world) or the 
> great FPC (in FLOSS world)? NO matter how good Delphi or FPC is, they 
> still talking about the lack and bad of Pascal! :(  I'd like to argue with 
> them about this! :|
> About the TurboCASH, I don't think it'd be easy to port it to FPC/Lazarus, 
> though it's still possible. First, the UI component, the biggest problem 
> IMO. They use a very complex and advance grid component (QuantumGrid) 
> which we don't have a clone for FPC/Lazarus (yet). Second, the BDE. 
> Firebird would the best alternative IMO, since it can be run as 
> client/server database, also as embedded database, without changing any 
> lines in the code. This'd be a big advantage for TurboCASH and the users. 
> But, converting BDE to Firebird is not as easy as it said. :) However, if 
> someone will really do TurboCASH Delphi-to-FPC convertion project, I'd 
> really like to help. :)
> By the way... currently I'm working on a dictionary application 
> (Indonesian-English and vice versa) using FPC/Lazarus, also a convertion 
> from Delphi. Can I put this project of mine on FPC site? On which section? 
> Whom I should contact? Thanks.
> Regards,
> -Bee-
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> http://beeography.modblog.com
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