[fpc-devel] profiling on win32

Giulio Bernardi ugilio at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 15 11:28:43 CET 2006

>> Did someone manage to enable profiling on win32?
>> I linked with libc.a, libgmon.a, libgcc.a and libkernel32.a from cygwin 
>> but
>> it fails on startup.
>> If I start the -pg compiled program I see:
>> monstartup: out of memory
>> Then program runs without problems, and at the end I see a couple of 
>> access
>> violations from gprof libraries code:
>>       2 [main] testprogram 1316 handle_exceptions: Exception:
>>     242 [main] testprogram 1316 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace 
>> to
>> testprogram.exe.stackdump
>> I couldn't find anything on fpc website: faqs read "Profiling is 
>> supported".
>> I had it working on linux but I'm not able to have it working under win32
> FPC can link to gcc under Windows, but doesn't use the runtime of gcc
> under win32 (mingw or cygwin), but directly accesses kernel32 and user32.
> Usually this is a blessing, but probably the profiler is very tied to 
> this.
> What probably should be done is to properly initialise libc and reroute
> memory handling to libc's mmalloc. This could impact the profiling result
> maybe though.
> Note that on windows there are at least three "c" frameworks to link to
> (Microsofts msvcrt, mingw, cygwin), so any solution will always be windows
> specific.

 Everything is all right now with Peter fix (it was Peter, wasn't he? I 
 remember now).
I sent a mail to the ML saying it worked but I think it didn't arrive :)
I only needed to add libgmon.a, libgcc.a, libc.a and libkernel32.a from
cygwin to fpc bin directory.
In the mail that didn't arrive I wrote:
Why don't add gprof.exe, libgmon.a, libgcc.a, libc.a and libkernel32.a from
 cygwin to win32 distribution of fpc?

 So, everything works and everyone is happy now (at least I am :P)


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