[fpc-devel] profiling on win32

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Feb 15 10:46:54 CET 2006

> Did someone manage to enable profiling on win32?
> I linked with libc.a, libgmon.a, libgcc.a and libkernel32.a from cygwin but
> it fails on startup.
> If I start the -pg compiled program I see:
> monstartup: out of memory
> Then program runs without problems, and at the end I see a couple of access
> violations from gprof libraries code:
>       2 [main] testprogram 1316 handle_exceptions: Exception:
>     242 [main] testprogram 1316 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to
> testprogram.exe.stackdump
> I couldn't find anything on fpc website: faqs read "Profiling is supported".
> I had it working on linux but I'm not able to have it working under win32

FPC can link to gcc under Windows, but doesn't use the runtime of gcc
under win32 (mingw or cygwin), but directly accesses kernel32 and user32.

Usually this is a blessing, but probably the profiler is very tied to this.

What probably should be done is to properly initialise libc and reroute
memory handling to libc's mmalloc. This could impact the profiling result
maybe though. 

Note that on windows there are at least three "c" frameworks to link to
(Microsofts msvcrt, mingw, cygwin), so any solution will always be windows

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