[fpc-devel] patch testreport

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 08:56:07 CEST 2006

On 8/13/06, Darius Blaszijk <dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl> wrote:
> Shure. I have added a format option --format=plain. This will output the
> test for the console testapp as plain text. The problem however is that the
> object TPlainResultsWriter will not be available for compilerversions before
> VER2_1 (going from the info you gave me), so I need to hide
> TPlainResultsWriter and the options for previous versions. That's all I want
> to do. Is that ok?

I have the same issue... Chicken and Egg situation.  Changes have been
added to FPCUnit after FPC 2.0.2, but I need them now in Lazarus.  I
applied a few patches, but most of them I am holding off until after
the the FPC 2.0.4 release.  I figured the IFDEF's will be getting ugly
in Lazarus, so only use the locally until 2.0.4.

Anyway, I did this in our local projects and then use the FPC202 or
FPC202OrAbove defines...

  {$if defined(ver1) or (defined(ver2_0) and (fpc_patch<2))}
    {$fatal tiOPF2 requires at least FPC 2.0.2}
  {$ELSEIF (defined(ver2_0) and (fpc_patch=2))}
    {$DEFINE FPC202}
    {$DEFINE FPC202OrAbove}

  - Graeme -

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