[fpc-devel] thread priority (win32)

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at mail.ru
Tue Apr 4 13:18:21 CEST 2006

> The Windows Kernel works in a priority level of program execution
> (main process) and sub processes (child process).
> Each priority tells Windows what queue to place the processes.
> If your parent process is "Norma" then the child process does not have
> effect except that it's priority on executing will be higher when
> executing the parent process.
> If I understand your question, I hope that will answer it.
> Ido

Thank you.

Do you know, what can I do

either start thread (through some hack?) with other priority

or change the priority of the main application (by FPC? or should I use WinAPI "directly"?)

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