[fpc-devel] PR advancement

Adriaan van Os fpc at microbizz.nl
Wed Nov 23 22:39:50 CET 2005

Ales Katona wrote:

> I think the simplest and perhaps most important change to get better 
> PR for both Lazarus and FPC is the web page. It needs to be more "wow" 
> style. News have to be a bit propagandistic. A FAQ is IMHO required 
> with first questions like:
> 1. Is Free Pascal/Lazarus really free?
> 2. Can I use Free Pascal/Lazarus for commercial development?
> 3. Are there any real world applications made with Free Pascal/Lazarus?
> 4. Why should I use Free Pascal/Lazarus?
> 5. Isn't Free Software equal to crappy software?
> etc.
> In other words, FAQ for managers. I'm not saying you should scrap the 
> old one. Just put the technical questions a bit lower.

Beware me ! Managers ! The lowest species on earth !

Yeah - and then the "dynamic" website for managers, I guess that's any 
website that can that only be viewed with MS IE 5.5 ...... ?

Well - here is the special link for any manager 


Adriaan van Os

Here is a text, specially for managers, applicable for any tech project:

Blah blah ... de facto standard ... Blah blah ... highly committed ... 
Blah bah ... industrial strength ... Blah blah ... world class support 
... Blah blah ... handholding ... Blah blah ... support contract .... 
Blah blah ... even more handholding ... Blah blah .... cutting edge 
technology .... Blah blah .... etcetera.

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