[fpc-devel] svn problem and suggestions

Funky Beast funkybeast888 at yahoo.com.sg
Mon Nov 14 05:24:36 CET 2005


I've been trying to get my svn to checkout FPC and Lazarus but with
no luck.

I've tried tcptunnel, desproxy, httptunnel, etc tunnelling still no luck.

I've also tried checking out via svn with many sites to test out
what is workable, and i found that i can checkout sources that
has their svn server listening to svn:// or https:// (with specified ports)

(e.g. for one of the successful "svn://" checkouts)
(e.g. for one of the successful "https://" checkouts)

During my trials with above tunnelling softwares, i see some response from
my ISP which says "Request has been denied by access control configuration."

I guess my ISP has setup their server's configuration to block methods
like PROPFIND, REPORT, UPDATE, CHECKOUT, etc for their http services.
I doubt I can do anything about it.

My suggestion would be:
1)svn.freepascal.org's svn server to listen to the svn:// protocol
2)svn.freepascal.org's svn server to listen to https://

Wonder if its feasable for the FPC team.

I really would like to contribute, as i want to migrate all my Kylix
apps to FPC/Lazarus. I'm using whatever FPC/Lazarus has to offer, and
write those that i need but still not there yet. I'd like to contribute
back the codes that i add to FPC or if i had tweak Lazarus.

It would also be helpful for users and (want to be) contributors
who has an ISP who configured their servers like my ISP.

Much appreciated if there are other workarounds or suggestions too.

Thanks in Advance
Funky Beast

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