[fpc-devel] OpenGL and glut bugs in Freepascal 2.1.1runningwith Mac Os X Tiger ?

Adriaan van Os fpc at microbizz.nl
Sat Nov 5 10:57:20 CET 2005

Jonas Maebe wrote:

>> Is there any possibility to create some clean workaround without 
>> needing the divine intervention of the apple fixing the carbon libs 
>> in 10.4 ?
> Since no one has a clue what causes the problem (except that it seems 
> to have something to do with fonts and possibly language settings), 
> I'm not sure how we could make another workaround than disabling the 
> exceptions.

What does the CrashReporter log look like ? For what system calls does 
it crash in your code ? Try to wrap those calls with fpu exception 


Adriaan van Os

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