[fpc-devel] don't youthinkit'stime toupdatedelphimodecompatibility? - IDispatch, implements

Matthias Hryniszak matthias at hryniszak.de
Sun May 29 13:15:48 CEST 2005

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toupdatedelphimodecompatibility? - IDispatch, implements

> On 29 May 2004, at 13:05, Matthias Hryniszak wrote:
>> Here you see a test procedure that's NOT called. with FPC 2.0 the 
>> executable file is 133120 long. Ok, let's turn this into the  standard 
>> Hello, world! app and just leave the two useses be:
>> program Hello;
>> uses
>>  Classes, SysUtils;
>> begin
>>  Writeln('Hello, world!');
>> end.
>> And what do we have? 132608 executable. AFAIK 132608 is not the  same as 
>> 133120 so there MUST BE a problem with eliminating dead/ unused code.
> If you want dead code to be stripped from your own written code, you  must 
> turn on the generation of smartlinkable code (-CX), and of  course also 
> smartlinking (-XX)

Of course I've done that already - it didn't help! That's why I suggest this 
is a bug. Delphi removes my procedure and leaves the executable size like it 
should be (86400b).


PS. Try to compile it yourself and if you'll come to the sitiation when both 
examples compile to the same size I'll be glad to hear how did you do that.

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