[fpc-devel] don't you thinkit'stime toupdatedelphimodecompatibility? - IDispatch, implements

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Sun May 29 13:10:47 CEST 2005

On 29 May 2004, at 13:05, Matthias Hryniszak wrote:

> Here you see a test procedure that's NOT called. with FPC 2.0 the  
> executable file is 133120 long. Ok, let's turn this into the  
> standard Hello, world! app and just leave the two useses be:
> program Hello;
> uses
>  Classes, SysUtils;
> begin
>  Writeln('Hello, world!');
> end.
> And what do we have? 132608 executable. AFAIK 132608 is not the  
> same as 133120 so there MUST BE a problem with eliminating dead/ 
> unused code.

If you want dead code to be stripped from your own written code, you  
must turn on the generation of smartlinkable code (-CX), and of  
course also smartlinking (-XX)


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