[fpc-devel] don't you think it's time to updatedelphimodecompatibility?

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Fri May 27 12:01:23 CEST 2005

| Totally agree with you! Let the FPC developer team concentrate on the compiler
| and language enhancement, and let the rest of us do the supported units. If FPC
| can do all the Delphi can do, then... viola!! all codes on Torry will be
| compilable on FPC. And the concept of "write once, compile everywhere" will be
| very much closer to the object pascal language. Isn't that nice? :)

Well this is somewhat a matter of prioritization I guess. Yes it would be good to
prioritize compatibility with Delphi 5 and 6 since lots of code out there for delphi 5
and 6 exists already.

Most of the code on torry is for delphi 3 4 5 that' I've used, though. Do you actually
use any code that's for .net .. and if so, has it been rewritten for .Net or is it
something that is special and totally unique?

I think smaller compatibility issues are important, but nothing as far as the
"for..in" stuff. If For In was classes, or object oriented programming, or dynamic
arrays (big things.. that help someone significantly) then I could see it as something
to prioritize.

The sad thing is, people do not fork out 2000 dollars for Delphi 9 or whatever.. they
just use their old delphi 3-4-5-6 compilers. Maybe the big corporations who love
buzzwords.. but even applications like TotalCommander are still compiled in Delphi-3-4
as far as Stud_Pe tells me.

I haven't even come across .Net myself: out of about 600 applications I have here and
maybe about 50 I use often, none of them use .Net. I'm always wondering what in the
world .Net is.. I think TCP/IP is important today in our applications and .Net is
trying to make TCP/IP into something called .Net. The sad thing is, delphi components
that do TCP/IP are out there for Delphi 3 or so. Internet ready applications...

We just need to build TCP/IP wrappers for FPC, and forget the .Net fad. If
TCP/Wrappers were out there that were extremely easy to use, FPC would be .Net.. i.e.
it would compile everywhere and connect your apps to the internet.

That, and we need to push freepascal as a dream for CGI developers. A lot of people
still use PHP, who are delphi developers. What's up with that? Rewriting code for PHP
that you've already written 5 years ago in delphi in Dos. And they need to come see
the PSP project. I suppose someone could port PSP to kylix but PHP is free and PSP
wouldn't be free on kylix.


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