[fpc-devel] Packaging

Daniel Herzog expose at luftgetrock.net
Wed Mar 30 19:21:06 CEST 2005

> I had exactly the same situation with fpc for fink and solved it exactly
> as suggested by Daniel Herzog. I would go for Individual bootstrap tar
> balls for each arch, because this saves a lot of bandwidth. I called the
> one for macosx/darwin: fpc-1.9.8.darwin.bootstrap.tar.gz. maybe it
> should be fpc-1.9.8.darwin-ppc.bootstrap.tar.gz. But since we do not
> support darwin-x86, yet, I did not consider the cpu :)
> The tar ball includes the bootstrap binary and the default fpc.cfg file.
> Is debian for linux only? If so, just the combination of linux with
> every cpu is needed, and not any combination of os and cpu. But even for
> a case of any os with any cpu, do you really think that case would be to
> much?
> What is your guess about the distribution impact through debian
> packages. I guess is that it is noticable, what actually have to wait
> and see the effect of the fink package.
> Best wishes

I want to package for Gentoo, which, for now, supports the following:
alpha	amd64	arm	hppa	ia64	mips	ppc	ppc64	ppc macos	s390	sh	sparc	x86

But the most important ones are x86, ppc and amd64. There even are devs
working on *BSD - it works, but they didnt have official releases yet afaik.

So if you just place a ppc386, ppcppc and a ppc??? somewhere that would
be perfectly fine. For now i waste your bandwidth by getting the
complete binary.tar.

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