[fpc-devel] Packaging

Dr. Karl-Michael Schindler schindler at physik.uni-halle.de
Wed Mar 30 13:03:36 CEST 2005

I had exactly the same situation with fpc for fink and solved it 
exactly as suggested by Daniel Herzog. I would go for Individual 
bootstrap tar balls for each arch, because this saves a lot of 
bandwidth. I called the one for macosx/darwin: 
fpc-1.9.8.darwin.bootstrap.tar.gz. maybe it should be 
fpc-1.9.8.darwin-ppc.bootstrap.tar.gz. But since we do not support 
darwin-x86, yet, I did not consider the cpu :)
The tar ball includes the bootstrap binary and the default fpc.cfg file.
Is debian for linux only? If so, just the combination of linux with 
every cpu is needed, and not any combination of os and cpu. But even 
for a case of any os with any cpu, do you really think that case would 
be to much?
What is your guess about the distribution impact through debian 
packages. I guess is that it is noticable, what actually have to wait 
and see the effect of the fink package.

Best wishes
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