[fpc-devel] BUG: gtk2 unit and GtkFileChooserDialog

Federico Lox Lucignano federico.lox at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 00:29:40 CEST 2005

Alle 23:00, mercoledì 08 giugno 2005, hai scritto:
> > 1) in libglade2 unit the windows dll is referenced as "libglade-2.0.dll"
> > while
> > the correct name is "libglade-2.0-0.dll" (in all the other gtk related
> > units
> > the libxxx-2.0-0.dll pattern is used correctly)
> Fixed

Perfect ;-)

> > 2)Although it is declared in gtkfilechooserdialog.inc the
> > PGtkFileChooserDialog symbol doesn't seem to be usable (i.e. the compiler
> > doesn't find it at compile time, and yes, I've included the right "uses"
> > statements).
> GTK 2.2 is supported. gtkfilechooserdialog is only included if the unit is
> recompiled with GTK 2.4 support

Yes, I found the $define  directive about 5 minutes ago (for those that don't 
know it is in yoursrcdir/packages/extra/gtk2/gtk+/gtk/gtk2.pas and can have 
the following values: GTK2_2, GTK2_4, GTK2_6, you have to set it in the 
source ;-)), but I've searched for it for almost 1 hour O_O, this thing 
should be more visible, for example what about putting it in something like a 
configuration file or even better finding a way to make it choose the libgtk2 
version dinamically at unit-compile-time accordingly to what is available on 
the system?


Federico Lucignano

e-mail personale: federico at alchimiedigitali.net

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