[fpc-devel] Extend the libraries people!

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at SexMagnet.com
Mon Jun 6 10:16:48 CEST 2005

Bisma Jayadi wrote:

>Object pascal is a mature language. Some languages even adopt the concept, such 
>as C# or Java, with different syntaxes and styles. Do not listen to people who 
>said pascal is a toy language, they just don't know what they're talking about.
>Then, if we are talking about the object pascal compilers... we must admit that 
>Delphi/Kylix is the most popular pascal compiler. In fact, it becomes some kind 
>of industry standard for pascal based software engineering.
>But, now we have another pascal compiler alternative. The open source and free 
>one, it's FreePascal aka FPC. Since it released the v.2.0, it got more 
>popularity. Some people even think that it's gonna replace Delphi domination. 
>But, I think it's not that easy as it said. Delphi has more experiences, more 
>developers and community, more library supports, more products, and many more.
>If we want to make FPC as popular as Delphi and more developers interested to 
>use it, then we have 2 ways to do it:
>1. Make FPC 100% compatible with latest Delphi release (I think at least D7). 
>Automatically, FPC will get all Delphi resources, including the codes and the 
>developers! There's no need to write new specific libraries for FPC.
>2. Make FPC own environment and community. We don't need to keep up with Delphi 
>compatibility, make our own syntaxes and styles, build our own libraries, have 
>our own dignity and destiny. :)
>Which way we gonna choose? The first one? Which I think we only need to more 
>concentrate on the compiler development, but with ability to share the code and 
>community with current Delphi code and community. This will make FPC = Delphi, 
>or even FPC >= Delphi. :)
>Or the second one? Which I think requires more works, keep up with some 
>"selected" Delphi compatibility, build our own libraries, but with freedom to 
>have our own "special" pascal. This will make FPC > Delphi, or FPC < Delphi, or 
>even FPC <> Delphi.
>So... which one? :)
Why not both? Delphi is windows-only, so even if FPC became 100% 
compatible with D7, the libraries already available for Delphi are 
usually windows specific, and FPC libraries are cross-platform.

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