[fpc-devel] compiler/utils/samplecfg, FPCWiki

Olle Raab olle.r at automagika.se
Sun Jun 5 14:34:22 CEST 2005

05-06-04 08.41, skrev Tom Verhoeff följande:

> In the source repository, the current version for
> trunk/compiler/utils/samplecfg
> has a line
> #-Fu~/fpc/packages/base/*/units/$fpctarget;~/fpc/fcll/units/$fpctarget;~/fpc/r
> tl/units/$fpctarget
> Since it is commented out, it does not matter much what is on that line; it
> is just an example.
> But should /fcll/ not be /fcl/ ?

It probably should. Anyway its fixed it now.

> By the way, I contributed a page about FCL to the FPCWiki.  Could someone
> add `(FCL)' to the Main_Page after the heading `Free Component Library'


> under Main components (the page is locked).  That way, it will be more
> in line with FPC and RTL.  It would also be good to include
> `Free Component Library' before FCL on the page FCL (I could not find
> out how to edit that part); similar for FPC and RTL pages. Just listing
> the abbreviation as a title is not convenient for those unfamiliar
> with FreePascal.

The full headings is not present in the header of FPC and RTL either.

The reason is that the header shows the wiki page name which is RTL and FPC
adn FCL. However ive now added an explanation of the abbreviations for RTL
and FPC int the ingress of theses pages.


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