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Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Thu Jun 2 14:39:40 CEST 2005

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>Maybe a few things should be borrowed from RemObjects Chrome, such as
>-- Class Contracts
>I like the 'require/ensure' aproach.
>It makes the code more robust and more debuggable, IMHO

I think the checks you can do there are to limited. I also wonder what
will happen if a require isn't met. Personally I don't want exeption in my
released app.

>-- Generics
>I am not sure if Generics could be done in FPC.

There were some discussions about it here and AFAIK some are trying to

>-- Virtual Properties and Events

The examples given there are not very different of what is possible now.
Make SetWith virtual and you have almost the same.

What however would be nice is if you could override the getter or setter.
Something like
property Width write MySetWidth

>-- Enhanced Multicast Events

This is not really new. You can implement it yourself like

property OnChange: TNotifyList;

and then OnChange.Add(Notifyproc) or OnChange.Remove(Notifyproc)

>Inline variable initializers, such as:


>   Integer1: Integer = 15;
>   Boolean1: Boolean = False;
>   String1: String = 'SOME TEXT';

Hmm.. sometimes usefull. You can put it as first lines in your
constructor/codeblock, but keep it thogheter in say large classes can be


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