[fpc-devel] FPC 1.9.6 (a.k.a. 2.0.0-RC1) is out

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The Free  Pascal Team is pleased to announce that FPC version 1.9.6
(or 2.0.0-RC1) is  available and ready for download.

Thanks, Michael.
Downloaded it this morning and it seems to be working nicely. Do have a  
couple issues a couple questions and a monster KUDO. Will do the issues  first:
1) The Win32 installer does not install the utils folder. It's in the  
download, but doesn't get installed. Easily corrected by just unzipping it  manually.
2) There is no demo folder, and hence, can't do the simple check with  
hello.pp that is referenced in the README
3) The source directories on the download sites are still empty. Are they  
still coming or am I looking in the wrong place, 
which leads to my first question:
1) I have been keeping up-to-date at the source level with CVS updates  every 
couple days. Can I just keep building on my current source tree with CVS  
updates or do I need to do a complete new CVS checkout (please say yes, my  
network connection stinks!!)
2) It's really nice to have debugger (gdb) support in the IDE again. I  get 
it every time I load a new binary and lose it again every time I install a  
snapshot compiling the sources. What the heck do I have to do to keep  getting 
the IDE and GDB connected under Windows. I've downloaded every  concievable 
flavor of GDB I can find (the GNU .gz version, Cygwin, MingW) I'm  sure I've got 
every thing I need to keep it working but I'll be darned if I can  figure out 
what I need to do/configure to make it all work together. 
And now the praise and adulation:
Michael et al, your work on the documentation is nothing short of  herculean. 
While not directly related to this release, the Doc-HTML library  is great 
and provides a great context-sensitive help under Lazarus. The new  RTL.PDF file 
that came with this release is OUTSTANDING. For a non-Delphi (and  basically 
non-OOP) oldtimer like me, I think this will become my "Newest  Testament". 
Thanks for all the hard and great work
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