[fpc-devel] [RFC] fpdoc output comment from the source

L L at z505.com
Thu Dec 22 04:52:16 CET 2005

> > We've looked at the people on the mailing list many times, but we've
> > never seen people sticking out their neck and actually doing something
> > along these lines.

I've looked at people in charge many times, but I've never seen those in charge
sticking their head out telling me directly, with real instructions how I can help,
along with my
SVN password, what the rule are with what I'm allowed to help with, etc.

All I've  (we've) seen so far is the people in charge criticising any incoming
suggestions or concepts. I'm no lazy man, I'm a grunt worker. I stick my neck in when
I have precise directions on how to and what I'm allowed to.  I think there are more
conflicts here going on then just people not sticking their neck in. Constantly
critisizing people for not sticking their neck in won't really help. Sending them an
email questioning what they would like to help, where their svn password is, under
what conditions , etc. will help.

At times I find the responses of the FPC lists negative rather than encouraging.

Let's have collabritive discussion with precise directions on where I and others can
help, in what programming languages, with what restrictions - rather than arguments
and quick judgements such as "ahh, he won't help, otherwise he would have uploaded it

Uploaded where? Under what circumstances? With what password? With what language? I'm
sorry, but it's not just as simple as a patch, with this documentation system. With a
compiler change, it is sometimes as simple as a patch. This is not a compiler change,
this one. This isn't a patch. Plus, I dont' see any way to make patches to the PHP
code anyway - as stated in previous mail regarding only seeing HTML on svn. Plus,
even if a patch were possible, I don't think it would be allowed in anyway - because
my suggestions have been determined as no-goes already. So if our discussion has led
us to the conclusion that we won't be implementing what I thought up, why bother me
doing any grunt work anyway? You see, you do have to have discussions before doing
grunt work - because if I would have done the grunt work, the patch of mine would
have been disregarded anyway!

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