[fpc-devel] Access Violation with nested DLL'scompiled byFPC(andsome more info on bug #4538)

Stefan van den Berg stefan at iquad.nl
Thu Dec 15 09:48:55 CET 2005

L505 wrote:
>> Interesting. I'm curious about what version of FPC you used to compile
>> the samples.
> It is an SVN pull out from several months ago, of one of the FPC 2.1.1 releases..
> Are you using an SVN pull out or a specific version?
At the time I submitted the bug I was probably using a nightly build 
from one to a couple of days before. I guess something somewhere changed 
  between the moment of your checkout revision and whatever revision was 
in the nightly build I used.

> I don't think the code is safe until we discuss this further though, even if it works
> on my machine as is.
I've come to the same conclusion, about the unsafeness of my samples, 
myself. After reading some of the responses on the list here, I changed 
the samples somewhat.

When I changed the string parameters and return values to pchars, i 
could successfully run the samples. And after, just to make sure, adding 
a third dll (I copied dll2 to dll3, and edited dll2 to call a function 
in dll3) it seemed the sample still worked.

So my guess is that the bug is probably invalid and in that case could 
probably be marked as such.

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