[fpc-devel] Benchmark for FreePascal

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Wed Dec 14 12:39:14 CET 2005

>  Athlon 2.6G +Gentoo

Here are tests on a Celeron 400 Windows 2000 then

Welcome to the CPU war for StrLoadFile.. Please wait...

test 1 (char) execution time: 9287434
test 2 (blokread 1) execution time: 267230
test 3 (blockread fsize) execution time: 262710
test 7 (blokread tHandle) execution time: 265247
test 4 (tStringList) execution time: 2660387
test 1 ln (tTextStream) execution time: 624126
test 2 ln (readln) execution time: 831215

It appears the new Athlon processor takes extreme advantage of tHandle (test 7) while
an old Celeron doesn't.  Or, unless it is Linux versus Windows. I guess we can tell
that test7, test3 and test2 are fastest so far.

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